Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to the Nook

First things first - I need to get my stuff out of totes, boxes and bags - it is now all out of the living room, dining room and thankfully the front hall - and it is all within 15 feet of my Nook. Now as I unload it all I am putting it on the shelves by category. My plan is to see have I have in each category (ie. flowers, chipboard, rub-ons, stamps) and then decide the best storage solution for it. I haven't scrapped at home at all lately so everything is packaged for transport and now it needs a permanent home in a room that inspires me, I have three boxes, eight bags, one shoulder tote and my rolling tote to unpack - my rolling tote I haven't even opened in likely 8 months so it will be like getting new stuff - which makes it fun. The upper shelves in the Nook are built it is the lower ones and the work surface that aren't finished - the shelves are jammed with the stuff I have already unloaded and I'm not sure where to sort the rest but will push forward over the next few days - I need to have my storage requirements almost sorted out because I have a shopping date next week to look at my options.

Wish me luck,


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