Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Nook

I am working on moving my scrapbooking stuff home and not having it take over the house - It is now home but currently it is everywhere but it is my goal to contain it but have it accessible. By accessible I don't mean packed in boxes I can dig through for what I need but visible and organized - for example if I want flowers for a layout I know where to go to look at all my available flowers and make my choice. Brian started to build me a scrapbook room - herein called the nook but other projects got in the way and time has passed without much progress so I will need to move this forward but start to move my stuff in at the same time. Currently there are 3 or 4 bags or boxes in our front hall full of stuff that needs a home and anything that is in here is just shoved on shelves and I don't know what is where because Brian carried most of it downstairs for me to get it out of the living room - Organizing the Nook is one of my biggest priorities over the next couple of months.

Talk soon,

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  1. well..I will give you my opinion. Figure out your containers that you want to use. Then buy them.
    Then take one basket at a time and put it away. Just a few minutes here and there and it will be done.
    And of course I am always willing to come and go thru your stuff and help you.