Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Update, My Resolutions and More

Hi All,

Happy New Year - I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I wish everyone all the best for 2010. Sorry I know I sort of vanished -- I was so unorganized (still am!) going into Christmas I just had to push through and get it all done -- it didn't all happen but really I'm likely the only one that knows.
Over Christmas a good friend of mine lost her husband -- it was the call no one wants to receive "Can you meet me at the hospital ---" -- he is far too young to be gone he would have turned 41 last Tuesday instead his funeral was on Monday - a tragedy. Kristen has been a pillar of strength true this entire ordeal within two weeks of Masons passing she has gone through Christmas, his birthday, New Years and returned to work. Watching her through this has been tough I have felt like I couldn't do enough but knowing her I knew a lot of this she would need to do on her own all I could do was be there if she needed me and try to help. I hope I was able to make it easier for her.

My organization issues continue -- as you know I had picked my out my storage options and have been trying to purchase them but before I fell in love I should have checked how long the products had been available and if more new stock was coming -- I picked two sizes of glass jars -after much searching and trips to three different Home Outfitters I have the six I want, I found large black wooden containers that were great from Solutions - only three were available I ordered three more and now have learned I really need two more and will have to order them as well. It is the lovely lime green baskets from Bouclair - and these have become my downfall I love them and made a decision on what I wanted and travelled back to the store 4 times hoping more would be in the next delivery -- the store manager took pity on me and finally helped me locate what I wanted. I then travelled to the three stores I needed to and bought what turned out to be the wrong baskets - so reworked my plan and made them work but still needed more -- they aren't to be had - so I found a coordinating basket that I thought would work - bought two of them last week but bought the wrong size - decided they will work but now I need two more so the search continues -- please wish me luck -- with a little luck I may scrapbook in there before the end of the year.

Resolutions - do you make them? I do and like most everyone traditionally I fail and set the same goals again the following January. This year is going to be different I have a different mindset -- my resolutions are goals for the year and they don't have to be all met in the next week -- in the next week I need to take some sort of action towards each goal.

My resolutions are:
- get healthier includes weight loss and more exercise
- blog regularly - haven't determined what schedule I want but regularly is the goal
- get organized - includes scrapbook room, house and everything
- get my projects for my classes done earlier - sort of a stop procrastinating goal but specific
- finish some unfinished projects
- be a better friend

Okay there they are public and committed to! Now I need to move forward on them. I'd like to think that tomorrow I will take a small action towards each but its 4:25 am and I'm still up so I my goal for tomorrow is to function and get through it - probably should have made a resolution to combat insomnia but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that so if the insomnia continues either I will get lots done -- or nothing - lol - wish me luck!

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